The horse

Arrival of your Horse

- As your horse arrives at the estate, we will let it out in the indoor arena; if your horse comes of the truck very sweaty, we will give him or her a lukewarm bath and dry him or her (depending on the weather) with a horse bathrobe and if required a nice blanket.

- We will then take your horse to a clean large stall with a nice thick straw bedding and fresh water.

- Your horse will have vet check by our veterinarian Isabel (gifted by us).

- Your horse will also have a blood that will allow us to see his or her inner health (gifted by us).

- Nuestra nutricionista Linda, evaluará la cantidad adecuada de pienso y alfalfa para tu caballo (Obsequio de la casa).

- our personal nutritionist Linda will evaluate the proper feeding regime for your horse (gifted by us) this natural equine feed is scientifically formulates to ensure that your horse receives optimum nutrition and enhanced digestive health. This feed reduces the risk of Colic and Laminitis.

Daily task

- At 8 am all the horses will get breakfast and fresh water.

- All the horses will get brushed, main and tail will be brushed with a softener, hoofs cleaned and every second day they will be oiled or creamed to ensure a good hoof health. All the stalls will get cleaned daily and all the feeding trough will be brushed out and the automatic water holders will be cleaned three time a day.

- At 2 pm all the horses will get there alfalfa and fresh water.

- At 8 pm all the horses get dinner and fresh water.

- Your horse will be at least one hour daily in the indoor arena for his learning time.