What is Natural Horsemanship?

Natural horsemanship is the only way to develop a relationship of trust and understanding through love, language and leadership. Always preserving the horse´s dignity; this way you will help him to gain his self confidence and establish a relationship where the horse will offer to you the best of him. We have to be the leader that they want an need, respecting there fundamental needs.

What is Natural Horsemanship For?

It is to help us archive our goals with our horses in any equestrian discipline that we have chosen with ease, harmony and security, respecting the emotional, psychological and physical state of our horse.

Can anyone practice Natural Horsemanship?

Yes; this works for any horse, any bread, any age and any size. This work for any human being that really cares about his or her horse.

All animal that have their eyes at the side of their heads are preys with a by lateral way of thinking. Humans and all animals with their eyes in the front of their faces are predators with a lineal way of thinking. Considering that this places us at the opposite of the chart, we must now understand how prey animals think.

Horses are extremely perceptive of all that surrounds them and even more so when in presence of a predator. His survival instinct is to flee. A horse that is afraid will snort, pass air and flees as fast as he can; when he gets to a safe distance he will turn around and analyzes the situation.

The human that is afraid; takes in air, freezes an gets ready to defend himself.

The combination of those to opposite reaction can end up in total chaos.

When a human leads a horse that suddenly gets afraid, the horse will lift up his head, get tense, snort and will try to flee; that is when the human takes in air, grabs the rope even stringer makes himself heavier and pulls hard toward himself.

The result of this is: A human that looks like a doll hanging of rope and screaming; which only scares the horse even more.

The majority of humans hold a horse´s rope way to short. Know that the instinct of a horse is to flee, living more space between the human and the horse will allow the animal to feel less trapped and therefore his reaction will be less dramatic. It is else is way safer for the human.