Our services

Program and services that we offer to our clients

1. We will establish the horsenality of your horse.

2. We will develop a healthy communication between your personality and your horse horsenality.

3. Create a relationship for life.

- The hours of practical and theoretical study will be private and at times in small groups in order to simulate some exercises.

- We will build an individual schedule of work per week in order to have the best result possible in a short period of time..

- We will take 30 minutes film on the first day of work with the owner and his or her horse.

- After 30 days we will take another 30 minutes clip between the leader and his or her horse in order to see the huge progress of the tow of you and see how fast you can get to fulfill your goals.

- Every 30 days we will give a 30 minute video so you can see the physical change of your best friend psychological progressing giant step towards your goal.

- We will gift to you the starter kit of natural horsemanship.

- The harness room has individual lockers and keys.

- The fringe always has water, juices and pop for you to have.

- The barn has a bathroom with some products for your convenience.